Primordial EP


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released February 23, 2017

Undelayed - Primordial EP

Performed by Undelayed
Undelayed are:
Yanuar Rizky - unclean vocals
Dimas Radityo - guitars and clean vocals
Dzikri Mufidi - guitars
Edrian Purnama Sutarya - basses and background vocals
Yudha Erlangga Putra - drums and percussions

Lyrics on track 2 by Dzikri Mufidi
Lyrics on track 3 by By Edrian Purnama Sutarya and Dimas Radityo
Lyrics on track 4 and 5 by Edrian Purnama Sutarya
Lyrics on track 6 by M Fariz Dzaki

Music by Undelayed
Additional arrangement by Bagus Wirabrata, Sonrus Abigael, Davian Raditya and Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana
Additional synthesizers written and performed by Sonrus Abigael and Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana
Guest vocal on track 5 performed by Dhenaldi Savirio of DIVIDE

Produced by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana
Engineered by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana and Edrian Purnama Sutarya
Edited, mixed, and mastered by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana at Soundpole Studios

Artworks and designs by Ryan Rahardian and Rafi Zahirsyah

Booking info: Anot +6289617980776 (Hotline) // +6285777940168 (WhatsApp)



all rights reserved


UNDELAYED Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

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Track Name: Self-Aid
Ignorance ignorance !
We need ignorance !
For ourselves !

Useless words coming from their mouths
And can only make us fall
Suddenly the thoughts from their minds affect my mind

And that feeling come to haunt me
feeling that made me want to change myself

Try to think once again thinking of words they said
Don't let their words change who you are
Do the right things for yourself

The ones that decide to what you want to be is yourself!

We need ignorance for ourselves
Ignore what they said

Just believe in yourself
Don't let them change what you have start

Stay in your path
Stand on your ground
Don't let them change your path

Ignore what they said
We need ignorance for ourselves

[Back to chorus]

If you believe in yourself
you have won before you started something

[Back to chorus]
Track Name: Vultures
Dream of abandoned lives
Creating sins full of hope

Pre chorus :
A state of minds scraping vast ideals.
Pierce the wall through vain emptiness

In every step we take, we endure
In every road we paved, we bloom

[back to pre chorus]

A state of minds scraping vast ideals.
Pierce the wall through vain emptiness.

Restraining hands (restraining hands)
Restricting motion
Deafening voices
Repressing existence

Through these storms and these flames
We're here standing still
Through the sadness and our joy
A triumph lies ahead

[back to pre chorus]

[back to chorus 2x]

Vulture like watchers
circle above us
Silently waiting
our collapse

[back to chorus 2x]
Track Name: Animus
Barely breathing, but i will find my way
Beat me inside out, but i will fight till the end
Cause when there's blood still rushing through my veins
"I shall stand up and stand still"
You are not my obligation
My existence is just your redemption

Pre chorus :
Why you're so ungrateful? When you can see the infinite bliss in front of you

Chorus :
With these eyes i see the lucid struggle
My bare hands are confronting the demons inside of them (inside of them)
I’m losing sight of what it’s real
This is the fight that amend my life

Obliterating my dream
Transcend my nightmare

I'm sinking into the ocean's trench
You burned my debris of hope
If omniscient could see the conflict
Nothing could hold the war!

wipe off your grin expose your vanity!!
wipe off your grin expose your true face now!!

[Back to pre chorus]

Exonerate me now!
Release me from the burden now
Exonerate me now!
Release me now!

[Back to chorus]

Why you're so ungrateful? Why???

[Back to chorus]

Release me now!
Track Name: Presence
Better place!

Within those eyes I see no fear!
You take a step higher to a better place.
Dwell within sorrow the tears we fall in.
The memories you gave not swallowed by time.

Remembering the words that you said
to guide us anywhere
To make us be better
Moving us towards brighter future.

We never get the chance to say goodbye
To let you know what you’ve meant.
(To let you know what you’ve meant.)

Your life wasn’t in vain.
(Your life wasn’t in vain.)

But, within this hallowed ground you sleep in peace
But, within this hallowed ground you sleep in peace


Eternal flames guiding the way of your departure.
Trail of life casts the shadows of your beginning.
The realm you shall go isn't a hollow.
You will be missed.
Your life will be carried on in this song.

This is who we are today because of you.
Respect isn't enough to return the favors.
And Now we live in regret never coming down to say goodbye.

Your dedication...
Is our inspiration...
Your fortification
Strengthen our perception
We're falling high to take a step further

[Back to chorus]

We’re so lost in faith,
Almer, guide us to the way before it happens
Shine us through the mist with the light you cast.

Shine us through the mist with the light you cast.
Cause your light never dims.
We need you right here

Shine us through the mist with the light you cast.
Cause your light never dims.
We need you right here brother.